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Stories Stranger than Fiction – Australian Adoption Literary Festival

I know, I know, it’s been ages since I posted anything, not for lack of want or stories. I have been busy on various projects, and here is one of the most important.

Inspired by the US Adoptee Litfest, which was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger (thank you), I am part of a group who will launch the Inaugural:

Australian Adoption Literary Festival

This will be conducted online to make it available Australia-wide, and international for those whose time-zone suits. Furthermore, it is FREE.

The November timing is significant. This is Adoption Awareness Month, a media space that is usually consumed by Deborra-Lee Furness and her group Adopt Change. By holding the festival in the same month, we are seeking to bring lived voices and experience to both the adoption community and a wider audience.

There will be four sequential panels: Mixed Genre, A Mother and Daughter reunion, Mothers, and Adoptees. Following the festival, a writer’s workshop will be held online on Sunday 26th November, led by Jan Cornall, of The Writer’s Journey. I know and recommended Jan, as her mix of gentleness and mediation-guided writing will be a good match for those affected by adoption, who are trying to express themselves through writing (tears coming to my eyes as I write that).

All the details can be found here (

Please feel free to spread the word.

And many thanks to fellow blogger, Derrick J. Knight who submitted sketches for the logo. They were fabulous, but in the end, this was the final decision.

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